Vera Vizzi (b.1983) is an Italian artist based in Milan, where she completed a master's degree in Communication Design at the Politecnico di Milano. Vizzi worked ten years in graphic design before dedicating her time entirely to her art practice. She decided to escape the rigid rules of digital graphics and throw herself headlong into 'doing with her hands'. Her three-dimensional sculptural works are references to Pop Art and Surrealism and Vizzi always like to bring humorous and fun elements in her work. The Italian artist likes to create miniature figures in her sculptures, and see the world as a microcosm.
"I create, with matter and color, works full of thought; utopian spaces where everything works great or doesn't work at all, microcosms where the only obligation is to be small, very small. I love to explore a thousand facets of the human soul, using visual forms and metaphors. I love that the observer finds himself in front of a portion of his world, told by another voice, so small that it can be explored completely from afar."
Resident artist c/o:
And Art Gallery - Vicenza - Italy
WinArts - Milano - Italy
Intrecci Art Gallery - Pietrasanta - Italy

Featured by:
Return On Art - Vienna - Austria
Saatchi Art - Usa

Solo Exhibitions:
September 20 - I Vizzi di Vera - And Art Gallery - Vicenza
October 20 - Tra cieli e pensieri - WinArts - Milano
October 21 - uniVersi e maree - Exclusive Urban Art - Roma
May 22 - Fantastic Worlds, with Golsa Golchini - WinArts - Milano
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